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  • Order Form
  • Memorial or honorary bricks can be purchased for anyone you desire, they need not be members of our congregation.
  • The engraved bricks will have three lines:
    • the first line will be "Memory of" or "Honoring" or "Remembering" (can be used to remember a couple when one of the couple has passed an the other remains in this live)
    • the second line will include the first name or names
    • the third line will include the last name
    • Example:

 Memory of:
Tony & Dotty

  • There is a restriction of 11 (eleven) letters per line. Please take note of this.
  • Larger bricks allowing 13 or 16 letters per line are also available at a higher cost.  Contact the pastor if you are interested in these larger bricks.
  • The name of the donor is not included
  • It is hoped that many members of our congregation or community will have people they would like to have remembered.  And yes, it is possible to purchase several bricks in memory of the same person, but we hope that those who would like several bricks to honor someone or to donate a significant gift, would also make a cash donation to the project so that the person's name does not overwhelm the project
  • There is an interesting aspect of some understandings of faith that indicates that as long as a person's name is remembered, they have life.  In archaeological digs, bricks engraved with names from as far back as 4000 years have been found, and through the individual memories of that person are gone, their name and thoughts of that person continue.
  • If more space is needed than available in this form, please call the office 920.235.8340, or talk to the pastor
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