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Operation Not Alone

Sunday school Mission Project: Operation Not Alone

We have chosen ONA as our Sunday School mission project this year. Our church has been a drop off location for items for awhile now. ONA also has a greater need & that is why we have chosen this non-profit organization, as our mission project.
Funds are needed right now, as they have more product in their inventory than money, to send the items. The cost to send a care package is $150-200.

Each care package includes:
A tie blanket specific to their branch of service
Thank you letters
Non-perishable snacks
Personal hygiene products
Entertainment (DVD’s, video games)
*Every package is different & varies by the person it is sent to.

Monetary donations are greatly needed & as always, there is a standard list of items that are needed also.
List of items needed: 
Deodorant   Shampoo     Body wash     Lotion     Feminine care products
Toothbrushes     Toothpaste     Hair combs     Snack food     Q-tips
MIO & Crystal Light water flavor packets      Energy bars     Baby wipes
Foot powder      Chapstick      Socks that will come above the top of a boot-no ankle socks-color in black or white
Gum  Word book games & puzzles  Deck of cards   
AA batteries-no lithium-ion DVD,s & video games

If you have any questions or suggestions on this please contact Kay Lund or the church office at