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History of Emmanuel United Church of Christ

Emmanuel Church was organized on December 2, 1891 as a result of a caring faith found in the 14 families of tavern owners and bartenders.  This congregation has a history of creative ministries and a central focus on worship in Christ.

Our first sanctuary was built in 1892 and replaced with our current sanctuary in 1914.  In 1906 the education wing was dedicated, and in 1996 our building was made accessible to all.  Our church as enjoyed a history of positive relationships with 7 installed pastors in 113 years.  Through the years, 6 of our members have entered professional ministry, while many others have shared through varied lay ministries of education, visitation, and even theatrical ministries.

Emmanuel church has frequently been an innovator of new ministries in our community.  In Oshkosh, Emmanuel was 1st to offer a dial-a-prayer ministry, a leader in efforts toward ecumenical sharing, offered a unique residential ministry for emotionally challenged adults with three other churches, and 1st on the south side of Oshkosh to offer a food pantry of city residents needing assistance.

Through the years we share in a calling to hear and respond to the Gospel of Christ, and to train, equip and express our faith in service to others.  While times and the need for various ministries change, we trust that God will lead us into avenues of sharing God's Kingdom in our midst.

Emmanuel means "God with us."  We trust that God is with us, in worship, in education, in fellowship, and in caring ministries with those whom God calls us to share faith.