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Wish List

Purpose of the Wish List
Our church strives to provide its members, guests, and the community with a well-maintained facility to be used throughout the year.

Our Church’s Operational Budget only provides funding for the most basic needs each year. Funding for many items or larger projects can only be accomplished through the generous donations we receive throughout the year.

The purpose of this Wish List is to identify and describe the items approved by our Church Council for purchase once sufficient funding is achieved. In this way, any donations to the Church can be designated to a specific need for the Church by the individual or family.

All monetary donations will be held in the name of EUCC Memorial Fund as described in the EUCC Memorial/Endowment Constitution.

Each Wish List item includes a description of that item and its importance to EUCC. An approximate cost will also be included for each item.

If there is an item you would like to donate to the Church that is not included on our list, you can make that request to the EUCC Church Council in writing. The Church Council will determine whether or not to approve the gift. Their decision will be communicated back to the requestor in the fastest possible manner.

If you have any questions concerning the Wish List, please direct them to any of the following individuals:
Leanne Monroe – President of the Church Council
Dan Rogers – Vice President of the Church Council
Kim Winter – Treasurer of EUCC
Zach Wolf – Church Council Secretary
Pastor Andi Wolf – Pastor of EUCC

Sometimes you may want to give something "over and above" to help our ministry move forward.  The council at Emmanuel has prepared a "wish list" of items that are needed to help improve and grow our church ministry. 

Click on the wish list item to learn more about the item.  To make donations towards an item on the Wish List, please note that on your donation along with your envelope number for proper credit. 


Without the ability to pay our monthly expenses, the Church cannot operate. Donating to this fund so we can achieve a balanced budget each year is a primary goal for EUCC. Please give consideration to donating to this fund.

This important fund ensures that your donation can never be spent. Only the interest earned can be spent on an annual basis. The criterion for this disbursement is that some of the funds are retained as a hedge against inflation. From the remaining balance, 10% will be designated for each of the following needs: Wider Missions, Local Missions Ministry or Program projects. The remaining 70% of the interest is unrestricted and will be recommended for disbursement by the M/E Committee along with approval from the Church Council.

Some donors choose to not give to a specific fund but rather choose the Undesignated Memorial Fund. In this way, the Memorial/Endowment Committee uses this account to fully fund other Wish List items that are not fully funded with designated donations.

Natural disasters are becoming more and more common. All administrative costs of the UCC Disaster Relief Fund are covered by the National UCC which ensures every dollar given goes directly to the people affected.

This fund was set up to deal with both the day-to-day operations of the church, as well as special ministry opportunities that might arise for our children and youth.

This fund was set up by Cliff and Dorothy Demler to address the financial needs of Emmanuel’s Christian Education ministry.

This Seminary Scholarship Fund which was set up to honor Rev. Eugene R. Rapp, who served Emmanuel from 1958-1988, offers
financial assistance to seminary students who plan to serve local churches.

Because Emmanuel has a rich history of sons and daughter who have gone into ordained ministry, this fund financially assists those
members of EUCC who attend Seminary.

Church Facility Capital Spending

The Church has three roofs that need to be maintained and replaced over time. Donations to this fund will ensure that the Church is able to replace the roofs when necessary.

  • Sanctuary
    • Estimated cost $100,000
  • Education Wing
    • Estimated Cost - $50,000
  • Main Entrance Roof
    • Estimated Cost - $16,000

Heat for the church is provided by two boilers which will require replacement in the future.

  • 1st Boiler installed in 1961
    • Estimated Cost – $25,000
  • 2nd Boiler installed in 2004
    • Estimated Cost - $30,000

This is an ongoing fund to cover repairs and maintenance.

The three central air conditioner units require replacement when they are no longer serviceable.

  • Sanctuary AC (two units)
    • Estimated Cost – $20,000
  • Office/Lower Narthex
    • Estimated Cost - $12,000

All of the original bathrooms for the church need to be fully renovated.

  • Education Wing Men’s & Ladies
    • Estimated Cost - $25,000
  • Fellowship Hall Men’s & Ladies
    • Estimated Cost – $25,000
  • Choir/Food Pantry Men’s & Ladies
    • Estimated Cost – $25,000
  • Nursery Unisex
    • Estimated Cost - $8,000

The bricks in our Church require maintenance every 10 to 15 years. Without this maintenance, water and ice can damage the bricks and they can deteriorate or fall out.

  • Estimated Cost – $5,000
  • Time Frame – Every 5 Years

This room is used often and was last updated in the 1970’s. It now requires new window treatments, flooring, the removal of the
kitchenette and painting.

  • Estimated Cost - $5000

These rooms require updating so that they can be better utilized by the Church:

  • Balcony Area Classrooms (4)
    • Estimated Cost - $2500
  • Education Wing Classrooms
    • Estimated Cost - $6000
  • Fellowship Hall
    • Estimated Cost - $15,000
  • Food Pantry
    • Estimated Cost - $10,000

This camera is used to record the worship services that are posted on-line. This camera upgrade would provide a much better picture. $1,200.00

Other Needs

All of the Church office equipment needs to be replaced on a regular basis. This is a recurring expense.

The Church has a complete sound and recording system along with a projector to enhance our worship services. All of this equipment
needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

  • Projector
    • Estimated Cost - $12,000

Our Church requires wall patching and painting throughout the year and some of these repairs lead to an entire area to be painted. Donating to this fund will allow us to maintain our Church at a high level.

  • Sanctuary
    • Estimated Cost – $25,000
  • Lower Narthex
    • Estimated Cost – $10,000
  • Classrooms
    • Estimated Cost – $2000

Many of the windows in the following areas are in need of replacing very old window treatments.

  • Education Wing
    • Estimated Cost - $2000
  • Fellowship Hall
    • Estimated Cost - $500
  • Lower Narthex
    • Estimated Cost - $2500

Our Church needs to have an energy audit completed to determine the changes required to move away from all incandescent lighting.

Our upholstered furnishings in the Lower Narthex were installed in 1996 and are all in need of replacement.

  • Estimated Cost - $4500

For the safety of our guests.

  • Estimated Cost - $1500

The artificial flowers that adorn the altar are now more than 30 years old and need to be updated.

  • Estimated Cost - $2000

This is an ongoing expense.

Each year the Sunday School chooses a mission to support with their weekly offering.

Choir Fund
Chime Choir

From time-to-time new music needs to be purchased.

  • Estimated Cost - $250/year.

Funds donated to the Food Pantry assist those in need throughout the City of Oshkosh. This is an ongoing expense.

Maintenance on the Labyrinth is an ongoing expense.

  • Labryinth Benches $2500
  • Labryinth Crosses $350

This is an ongoing expense.

Our Church is equipped with a Hearing Loop which allows our guests with hearing aids to better hear the service. This is an ongoing

A great deal of ministry in the local church is achieved through our lay members. The Damascus Project is a ministry of the Wisconsin Conference that educates and trains Lay Leaders as they support their local church.

The large banquet tables and metal folding chairs were all installed in 1961 and now need to be replaced
due to being long past their life expectancy.

  • Table Replacement (20)
    • Estimated Cost - $150/table or $3000.
  • Metal Folding Chairs (200)e
    • Estimated Cost – $80/4 chairs or $4000.

Our Church organ is irreplaceable and needs to be maintained several times a year. When parts wear out, they are very expensive to replace. Donations to this fund allow us to make all of the necessary repairs to the organ immediately. This is an ongoing expense.

The stained-glass windows in the sanctuary are 130 years old. These windows are in need of restoration to ensure their stability
and they need to be encased in such a way to preserve them into the future. This is an expensive process as the windows need to be removed and taken off-site for restoration and preservation.

  • Estimated Cost - $250,000
Request for a New Wish List Item/Project
  • Contact information of the person(s) submitting this request:

  • What happens next?
    The Church Council will vote to either Approve or Disapprove this request at its next scheduled meeting. Once a decision is reached, you will be notified of that decision.

    Thank you
    The Church Council
    Emmanuel UCC