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Rev. Annette K. Wolf

Pastor Andi

Rev. Annette (Andi) Wolf has been Pastor of Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Oshkosh since February 2010.   Prior to coming to Emmanuel, she served a lengthy pastorate in Louisville, KY. Originally from Pittsville, Wisconsin, Andi holds a Bachelor Degree from Lakeland College in Sheboygan and a Master of Divinity Degree from  Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO.

Andi is passionate about preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. She strives to show how both the church and scripture continue to be relevant for today’s world. Her sermons mix scripture with everyday life, personal stories and (hopefully) a bit of humor.  

Andi has three children; Zach, Becca and Hannah. In her limited free time, Andi enjoys reading, sports and traveling.

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Words from Pastor Andi

April 2022
About three weeks ago I came into church far earlier than is my practice.  I prepared the ashes for those who might want to come in and receive them before going to work or however they were spending that day.  In the quiet of the sanctuary I worked on Lenten services, read a little of my Lenten study book, played a few games on my phone, and considered the season that stretched before me.  Lent.  Oh dear Lent, how will I journey through you this year?  What will I change to remind myself of this reflective, meditative, penitent season?
I’m not going to bore you with the disciplines I put together.  Mostly because I have failed keeping them in a spectacular fashion!  At this point I don’t even fully remember what I had decided.  Once again I am reminded that it is such a gift that salvation relies on who God is and how much God loves us rather than on my personal effort.
I don’t know where all of you are on your Lenten journey.  Maybe you have remained strong (yay you—stay strong!). Maybe you have had a few stumbles, but have kept going (yay you—keep going!).  Maybe you are more in my camp, wondering how we fell so quickly, or maybe never really got started (no worries—God’s still got us!). Maybe you don’t really change things for Lent, choosing instead to do what feels right for you (you do you—you are the only one who can walk your faith journey!)
Regardless of where we are, God remains where God always has been.  In every season of life, in the highs and the lows, the successes and the failings, God remains constant.  That continues to be one of the most comforting realities for me.  We can’t earn God’s love—its already there.  And we can’t lose God’s love, because its always there.  What an awesome God we serve!
In a few short weeks we will trudge through that frighteningly unsettling Holy Week.  I hope you will make the difficult choice to join me in worship.  It is far easier to turn our faces away from the events that happened in those final days of Jesus’ life, because we see ourselves in the angry crowds, in Peter’s denial, in the disciples desertion and even in Judas’ betrayal.  But it is only when we face those demons that we fully understand the love of the cross and the victory of the empty tomb.  Palm Sunday.  Maundy Thursday. Good Friday.  No matter how well or how badly you’ve done on this Lenten journey, come with me through those days.  And together we will dance with a renewed joy at the empty tomb.
Pastor Andi