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Rev. Annette K. Wolf

Pastor Andi

Rev. Annette (Andi) Wolf has been Pastor of Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Oshkosh since February 2010.   Prior to coming to Emmanuel, she served a lengthy pastorate in Louisville, KY. Originally from Pittsville, Wisconsin, Andi holds a Bachelor Degree from Lakeland College in Sheboygan and a Master of Divinity Degree from  Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO.

Andi is passionate about preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. She strives to show how both the church and scripture continue to be relevant for today’s world. Her sermons mix scripture with everyday life, personal stories and (hopefully) a bit of humor.  

Andi has three children; Zach, Becca and Hannah. In her limited free time, Andi enjoys reading, sports and traveling.

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Words from Pastor Andi

January 2022

 In the 21st chapter of Revelation we hear ‘the one who was seated on the throne’ telling John (and us), ‘See, I am making all things new.’  It is a mighty promise about the return of the Messiah. All this chaos and disfunction we experience will be replaced with newness.

‘New’ seems to carry with it the opportunity for a fresh start. But in order for the ‘new start’ to succeed, we have to be honest and faithful about letting go of all the things that made the ‘old way’ so bad.  And that is where things get difficult—when we are called to change.

I think back to all the times I had a fresh or new start. Cleared spaces are a magnet for stuff in my home. It is as if we are unable to resist placing something upon a cleared space. Doesn’t matter if it’s a countertop, table, end table, dresser—heck, even the top of the fridge has stuff on it. When I got new countertops a couple of years ago I embraced that fresh start and proclaimed, “I will not let these countertops get cluttered.”  I glared at the kids, shook my finger and in my most menacing voice tried to drive home my point—“Do NOT put all your junk on my new countertops. I mean it. We are keeping these things cleared off.”  Well friends, how do I describe how that has progressed…abject failure?

Why have I not been able to do something as uncomplicated as keep my countertops cleared off? That’s simple—because I didn’t change my daily habits. I still make those one-time decisions to go through the process of cleaning it off, but I haven’t changed my every day, simple habit of depositing everything in my hands on the counter each time I come in. Therefore, odds and ends accumulate.  And I still have to clean the countertops off rather than keeping them cleared. It will forever make me feel like Sisyphus. Ah, you might counter, Sisyphus wasn’t in control of his never-ending task—you are. And there is the rub. I am in control of that. Gremlins don’t sneak in and clutter up the counters (side note— yes they do, but they are my children and I love them!)  It is due to my decisions and my lack of change.

Cluttered countertops are the least of our worries. But our unwillingness to change bad habit or even recognize our own negative behavior should be a worry. Until we are willing to take responsibility for some of the change that needs to occur in our lives, new years and new beginnings will quickly slip right back into the old habits we never broke.

When the old passes and gives way to the new, we are called to live into that newness. We cannot carry the old patterns and bad behavior with us and expect to experience any meaningful change.  As followers of Christ we are called to be a new creation now. As you journey into the new year alive with new possibilities, spend little or no time pointing out the ways others should change, and more, if not all your time looking to be how you can change for the better. That is how we live into the newness of Christ.

Pastor Andi
Cell Phone:  920-216-3622